General Info

Private and hotel accommodation will make your holiday in Petrovac spend the best possible way
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Food and bar service, Caffe, Restaurants
Places where you can be served good quality food and drinks, and to spend pleasant moments while sipping your
morning coffee and enjoying the waves of the sea
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Transfer to Montenegro and to Petrovac
Best arrival and transfer to Petrovac, airplane, train, bus, taxis, local transfer and more...
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Festival regulations
To ensure public safety and fulfil the duties that go along with staging large -stage, the Petrovac Jazz Festival team
has set out a series of regulations.We re counting on your collaboration to ensure that youre visit is both pleasent
and safe
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Service information
Every measure has been taken to make youre visit to the Petrovac a memorable one.The festival therefore offers a
full range of services intended to cater to your needs
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Multimedia and Gift shop
Bring beautiful memories with Petrovac Jazz Festival
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